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Hagane Is Lurve
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It's a community for fans of Hagane no Rekinjutsushi, know in English as "Fullmetal Alchemist".

Post fanfiction, make icons, discuss the show, and talk about your favorite couples. (Yes, we accept shounen-ai, but no shounen-ai doujinshi; you must link it from somewhere else: no images for the sake of our non-shounen-ai members), the manga, the english dub, the movie, etc.
Talk about why you love FMA so much; it's up in the air.

-Label Spoilers; it's HIGHLY frustrating to want to enjoy a series from start to finish without knowing the twists until they come, only to have someone come along and spoil it for you. So please; spoilers labeled and under cuts.

-Lj cuts: Please, if it's a summary with spoilers, an image bigger than icon or banner size, a fic, etc; behind an Lj-cut

-Keep it PG-13: This is only fair. Please, don't say anything that warrants an over PG-13 rating. If you have fic, for example, I'm banning graphic lemons/limes/yaoi, etc...be subtle, if you MUST include that in a story, please keep it PG-13

Above all, enjoy yourself.

[b]Hagane is Lurve![/b]